Activity Report: Round table discussion on the "Arms Trade Treaty Universalization and Implementation in Asia".

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Ditulis oleh Irine Hiraswari Gayatri

Although seemingly the world is now a better place where negative peace in terms of absence of intra state wars prevail in Southeast Asia, some concerns on illicit arms trade lingers as part of non-traditional security topics.

To response to this issue, a round table discussion on the "Arms Trade Treaty Universalization and Implementation in Asia" was held on March 17, 2017. The forum was facilitated jointly between Centre for Political Studies, (Pusat Penelitian Politik) Indonesia Institute of Sciences (LIPI) and “Non-Violence International Southeast Asia”.

The discussion was part of meeting series in several ASEAN states between NGO representatives, academics and practitioners with Ambassador Klaus Korhonen, President of the Third Conference of States Parties of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), and the Head of the ATT Secretariat Mr. Dumisani Dladla, which aimed   to reach out to potential State Parties and engage in dialogue about matters related to the ATT.

In sum, the RTD touched on the following:

1. ATT in Indonesia needs further discussions with the different stakeholders to move from the historical narrative during the negotiations.

2. Illicit arms sales in post conflict regions, particular routes in SEA are not a new phenomenon.

3. To gain wider attention in Indonesia, advocating this issue is better by lobbying executives, the president, and related ministries.

4. NGO support in the local level especially those working in peace and conflict are willing to be part of the advocacy network and should be included in the discussions.

5. In advocating ATT under current Indonesia context, women’s participation is important since they have played decisive roles in peace building as well in the security sector reform. The ATT and the WPS go together in the democratization efforts and in highlighting the role of women.  (Irine Hiraswari Gayatri)

Photo credit: Irine H Gayatri